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Round H8 Interview in English

If people are speaking about French rightwing music, the bands Legion 88 and Bunker 84 would come to everybodies mind, however the world changed a lot since the ninetees and a lot of new syles appearead in the patriotic music scene. I planned to make an interview with a French band for while, because in Hungary people do not know too many thing about the French movement. I was lucky I could get in contact the Parisien "Round H8", who answered every question I asked with an intellectual attitude so it is a very interesting interview not only for  HC fans but for everybody who wants to know more about the current situation in France.

 1., Greetings! Let's begin with the the ususal questions: who are you? Who are the band members? When did you start the group?

Hail Comrade, we are 2 members in Round H8: Mat who plays guitars and bass, and me, who plays drums and performs vocals. We are two metal fans and we listen to a lot of HC. We decided to form the band about 2013. We started with few rehearsals and we quickly had enough tracks to record the first album named “Urban Warfare”, released at PC Records.

2., In the last 10-15 years there have been several hc bands in the French scene, eg. Fraction, Fraternité Blanche, Hold Fast... Are these bands still around? Are there other rightwing HC bands in France nowadays?

As far as I know, they do not exist anymore. “Fraction” and “Hold Fast” belong to our favorite French bands. Thereupon, before starting the project, we listened a lot of “Hold Fast”, “H8Machine” and “Bound for Glory” to exactly determine what kind of music we want to perform.  We have few contacts with one ex-member of “Fraction Hexagone” (ex-Fraction). We also recently discovered “Les Eburons” on your website that sounds pretty good.
Actually, you mentioned almot every French NSHC bands, so there are no so many bands. We could maybe add “Fracass” ; some of their last songs can sound Punk/HC and “Brutal Begude” which is closer to Death Metal. It seems that Eastern Europe and Germany are more spoiled than France.

3., Did you play in other rightwing/ns bands earlier? Do you have any other musical projects currently besides RoundH8?

Yes, actually I performed in a few NSBM bands like “Seigneur Voland”, “Kristallnacht”.  I also play for nonpolitical BM bands like Necroblood , Hexen Holocaust, Council Daimonion (ex-Funeral).
Mat and I are composing for an Oï/Street Punk project that will be named “Shrapnel”. I think we will start to record our first album in the mouths to come.

4., The French patriotic music scene was dominated by RAC bands earlier. Why did you choose HC? Is hardcore popular in the French movement? 

Actually, HC is not so popular in France and if there's an event, they are very widely frequented by leftists. We didn’t choose the easiest kind of music for to spread in France. We had mainly thought our project for the international scene because we were influenced by H8Machine and BFG, so we wanted our music to sound close to those bands, independently of what is globally listened in our territory.

5., Do you listen French RAC bands? Which is your favourite?

Yes, we listen a lot of RAC these times. For the classical French RAC let’s mention the unavoidable ones like Fraction Hexagone, Ultimatum, Frakass, Bunker 84, Panzerjäger, Légion 88, Hais et Fier… For the international scene, for my part, I really enjoy Aggressive Force, Nordic Thunder, Ultima Thule, Iron Youth (Greece)… Mat really enjoys Condemned 84, Tattooed Mother Fuckers, Bully Boys… But definitely Skrewdriver remains to RAC what Mötorhead is to Metal.

6., Which region are you from? Is the massmigration from northern Africa present there?

We are from Paris. Yes definitely, mass migration becomes something impossible to deny in France. You can have leftist points of view as long as you are far from the problem, when you live in nice suburbs, but it starts to be really difficult, even for rich people to avoid the problem. It brings a lot of problems of insertion, cohabitation and hygiene that you can imagine. The amazing thing is the fact that those migrants have been corralled in districts that are widely frequented by Muslims from 2nd and 3rd generation of migrants. So those sons of migrants are the first to suffer of those new migrants misdeeds. Those sons of migrants can now feel what they have done to French people during many years.

7., I was several times in France and I was always shocked what I saw on the streets there. Being a nationalist/ns is quiet challenging there. Do you often receive attacks from criminal gangs or from the red mob?

Actually, I start to think that things are getting quite calmer with the actual teenage Arabic generation, maybe because their hip-hop influences are becoming softer than the ones they knew like 20 years ago. I am really sure it’s a voluntary calculation from record label managers for whom a lot are jews. It’s like if they decided to soften what they will put in scum’s ears because jewish communities started to be the first aim of Arabs attacks. Like if their plan to divide the society finally turned over their own community and decided to calm the play. Or maybe we are just getting older and we go out the town not so often anymore, so our feeling could be wrong. But let’s be honest, the situation here remains a hell for a nationalist. You will remain the main target for every scum. Concerning red mobs, it does not really raise a real problem in the streets because they are cowards for a street fight. They are mainly composed of skinny students who smoke too much weed, but for cancel ns events, they are really active. Actually this is their only solution to be active, behind a computer. Fuck them!

8., From here the French situation looks hopeless, the major cities are overpopulated by nonwhite masses. How strong is the rightwing movement nowadays in France? Do you see any chance to save your beautiful country and culture?

Yes, I let you imagine how much this is the mess here. We really think that the situation became hopeless since the last ten years. And this is strangely quite calm in the same time. Like if the whole country is slowly dying from a latent cancer. There are two solutions for me and most of my comrades: either you fall in some kind of depression because it consumes you and you finish by being obsessed by the problem, you’ll become soured and unbearable even by your friends and family or you deal with it because you have to. Of course you always have the solution to leave the country but it is quite complicated to leave our friends, our family, our culture. So we deal with that and focus on our lives, families and friends. We become more and more individual. Sport, music and culture had become our last source of expression.
Here the situation is so critical that we completely lost the idea to have a white dominated culture. Claiming and saving a free space of white culture at NS concerts as well as every minor culture (like jewish, muslims…) would already be a victory. I don’t have the feeling that we are claiming so much.

9., Do you have contacts with the "mainstream" hardcore scene? I think it is more or less overrun by the reds, as everywhere in the world. Do they know your band?

Not so many contacts in the HC scene. We just go to gigs each time when bands like Madball, Terror or Agnostic Front come over here. HC scene here is mainly dominated by leftist.

10., Your debut CD was a big surprise for me, I did not expect this kind of music from France (because it has a very "American" taste), I really enjoyed it. How would you define your musical style? In my eyes it sounds like the NYHC bands. Is this correct? Are you in this direction?

Thank you for the compliment. You’re exactly right concerning our influences. We really appreciate the American Scene, so we can mention Madball, Terror, Cro Mags… and of course the last “H8Machine - Fighting Solves Everything” is incredible and have nothing to envy to the big productions, really surprising!
Yeah we wanted to make something quite professional. For the next one, I think we will make something quite more raw and brutal.

11., Dennis from H8machine sung some songs on the cd too. How did you get him to the recording? It was the bands idea? What was the reason behind this?

Yes, we really thank him for that. As you know we are big fans of H8Machine so we travelled to the center of France to see them in concert. It was excellent and we took the opportunity to have a couple of beer with Dennis.
At a second time, I contacted Dennis and asked him to participate on a track on our first album. The song “A message in a barrel” was especially composed for him. The initial title was “You’d better vote with a gun” but the label asked to change the name, so Dennis had this really good idea to rename it to “A message in a barrel”. I hope we’ll have another opportunity to work with him, he is really cool guy and really professional.

 Videoclip for the Urban Warfare CD

12., Are you preparing for a full length release? Or do you have any other plans to make a new recording in the near future?

Yes, actually we have composed around twenty songs, some are really close to “Urban Warfare” and we’ll keep those tracks for a professional album in the same vein but first we want to record 1 or 2 albums with the others songs that will be more a mix between hatecore and sludge/crust. But for the mouth to come, we will focus on Shrapnel.

13., As far as I know, the French rightwing HC band Fraction strongly supported the Identitarian Movement. Do you support the Mouvement Identitaire Francais too? What is your opinion about the Identitarians?

We follow some events and try to participate to a maximum of them. Some events like Pride France or Call of Terror seem to be strongly established here. By getting older we keep more distance from political actions because we share an individual philosophy focused on our close entourage. Nevertheless, the simple fact that RH8 exists is our manifestation for the freedom of speech for our culture. By spreading our music we make our comrades know that this expression persists in France.

14., I think everybody knows that Burzum founder Varg Vikernes lives nowadays in France. Does the movement there have any contacts with him? 

We have seen a couple of his videos so we cannot say that we really follow his actuality. Some of his thoughts are interesting but we don’t really listen to him when he deals with anthropology because we can’t say that he is a real specialist even if he probably knows really more than us on this topic. Generally, we are really suspicious with theories that gratify too much some of religious or political preconceived ideas. We can’t qualify it as an objective scientist approach as soon as you defend just one side of a theory to put forward your point of view. We don’t any contact with him. He is too much guarded by Police and we have to be very mistrustful with who we exchange.

15., I made some interviews with Russian NSHC bands recently; the Russians have the largest (and I think the best) hatecore scene of the world now. Do you pay attention to the Russian scene? What is your opinion on the "Boom" of the Russian NSHC ?

We listen more and more Russian NSHC and we are really impressed concerning the quantity and the quality. I love “Sober Charge” and “You Must Murder”, those bands are really excellent and intense. Russian style has something really special in the way they sound and because of the consonance. It seems that our salvation will come from the East.

16., ...and what is your opinion about the Hungarian scene? Do you know Hungarian bands? 

Not too much to be honest except “Arrow Across”. Nevertheless it’s really cool that NSHC is developing in all over the Europe. We would be happy to discover your scene if you can recommend us some of them.

17., I saw that there is a new nationalist MMA initiative in France, called "Pride France". Could you tell us some words about it?

Yes, Pride is rising here and the level is really high according to I have seen. We have nothing to envy to Italians for example organization for example. The track “Like a Caged Lion” is dedicated to fighting sport, especially to MMA. The idea to have some MMA or Crossfit tournaments on the afternoon and a fucking good gig with pals and beers in the evening is a fucking good idea!

18., So, this is for now. Thank You for the interview! if you have any last words, you have the possibility!

Thank you for the interview, for taking the time to listen to us. Thank you for giving your time and your investment to our movement. We hope to play in your country it will allow us to discover your scene, your culture and your country

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